Motoreļļa Sintētiska Rektol 5W-30 LL III uni DPF 5L

Low SAPS low-friction motor oil based on advanced HC synthesis technology. Specially formulated for the requirements of modern petrol and diesel engines from VW/Audi, Mercedes and BMW. The low content of ash-forming substances (Low SAPS) ensure an optimum functionality in catalysts and diesel particulate filters at the longest oil change intervals.

ACEA C3; BMW Longlife 04; MB 229.51; VW 504.00, 507.00  Recommendations: Fiat 9.55535-S3: Ford M2C917-A; Porsche C30; VW 502.00, 505.00, 505.01, 503.00, 503.01, 506.00, 506.01

Drošības Datu Lapa (pdf)

5L 5W30 LL III uni DPF Motoreļļa Sintētiska Rektol (Vācija) 1060535

  • Rektol
  • Modelis: R53516
  • Pieejamība: Pieejams
  • 37.03
  • 28.48€

  • Bez nodokļa: 23.54€
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